Pave The Way(6)

(really regretting that title)

Finally, after four weeks and a myriad of conversations, we have some common sense from Eastleigh borough council, unfortunately not from anyone I have contacted. My attempt to highlight the condition of a stepped area close to where I am employed has sent me through the corridors of bureaucracy and shown the bad side and the worse side of local government and their authority over us.

Google maps

Google maps

On hearing of this plight, a councillor from another area within the borough contacted me and offered their assistance with the matter, and I was grateful for it, as I was ready to despair of the nonchalant attitude of those responsible for the immediate problem. My newly found champion of the cause reacted swiftly and professionally, and although the final result did not differ, I was amused at being told this in an empathetic manner made the news a little sweeter to bare.

No interest, M.P.Thornton

No interest, M.P.Thornton

However, it would seem we have some movement, I have recently discovered white markings on the broken or unsafe paving. So it would seem that progress has been made, although the credit should not be given to the parish or borough council, but to local people acting for local people, as I know that I was never alone in this quest. Unfortunately I am sure those who did the least will take the most from this.





I have attempted to complete this task without making it a political subject, but, unfortunately one party has outshone the other and acted with humility and true concern. And had it not have been for this, for what on the surface looked like a simple repair request, I would have not known the ocean of difference between the two. I would therefore call upon us all to take this opportunity to look around and see who is doing the best for your community and act accordingly this May.



Next Generation With This Generation

Today’s offering is brought to you by a guest writer, many thanks Sam for your article.

Consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation are being misinterpreted by parents on how they are bad and wrong. They are not bad, its the user that makes them bad, all the user needs is a little control. My chosen console is Xbox.

Video games don't make us violent, lag does!

Video games don’t make us violent, lag does!

What are consoles?

Lets start with the basics, consoles, video games and computer games are the same thing, just in different forms. Consoles, as I call them, consists of; a controller, wires and a box, which is the console, you have to provide a TV and seating area unless you want to stand up. Instructions come in the box on how to install the console and plug the wires into the TV. After you have plugged it all in you are ready to play. Wait, you need to buy games first. Games are disc’s that run the video effects that appear on the screen. You can also buy games online, but that takes up lots of useful space on your hard drive. To play online you would need access to the internet on your console which is also explained in the instructions or on the companies website. Commence gaming.

Video games are make my child violent what should I do?

To start off this paragraph, video games do not make us violent. Violence is a form of anger and stress and what video games are meant to do is to relieve that anger and stress on something that will not effect the users future. If your child is becoming violent limit their time on the console or discipline them, remember the saying “You have to be cruel to be kind”. Addiction to video games is common you just have to bring your child back in to reality, tell them to do chores, ask them to take the dog for a walk, watch a program with them or find some common ground. With me, I had a ban every time I had to be reminded to do that job or chore and I would not be allowed on the console until the next day, keep up with that technique and your child will never miss a homework or chore, let it slip away there is no way they will listen. You have to hit down hard and fast, before they become dependant on the console.

What do you mean by “lag”?

Lag is a common word used by children sometimes for the wrong reason. Lag is when an action appears on the screen a few seconds after the button is pressed. There is always going to be delay between doing the action and it appearing on the screen that is normal, lag is when you do the action and the action is not done for a few more seconds longer than average. This is mainly due to internet buffer. FPS or frames per second drop is different kind of annoyance that irritates the user. FPS is the frames on the screen and how fast they appear, the average is 30 frames a second which is good, higher is great, lower is bad and the game needs a little tweak if it carries on. If the frames drop and do not go back up you need to get help to improve it. It may be your settings and it may be your device you are using.

Next generation new consoles mean new networks

Xbox One and PS4 are now running on different networks or software to its older generation, which means new console new games. Xbox one games are £40 or more and the same goes for PS4 games, so all the old games you have bought your children are useless. To socialise with friends that have Xbox one’s you would have to go out and meet them, if you had a Xbox 360. However, you can still be friends with them just you cannot speak to them or hear them which makes it pointless to be online friends with them.

Why buy a Xbox One or a PS4?

Xbox One’s and PS4 are two different next generation consoles on two new networks. Networks are used to link two or more devices to each other, most devices have specific networks like Vodafone, ect. Xbox One’s have a different network to Xbox 360’s because of its out of date software and so that they can make more money. There is conflicted between Xbox One and PS4 because they are owned by two different multimillion companies Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft always think big and they mainly specify is software hence the word “soft” in their name where as Sony are more televisions, monitors and other electrical devices. Joint together they could create a super console, but there is too much to loose between both companies also would they be able to decide on a name? In my opinion, you are spending too much for an Xbox One when you have already invested most of your money on your console games on the old generation. PS4 on the other hand, I have never had a PS3 or PS4, but from what I have heard PS4 is the most chosen next generation console from my friend group even though they have kept their Xbox 360’s and their games. In a way what I am trying to say is to either keep or buy an Xbox 360 due to its affordability and its good reputation. You have to pay for online but with the other console you would have to is well so it is no difference. PS3 is good is well but for me its Xbox 360, but that’s my opinion.

Pave The Way(5)

Allow me to apologise, when I started this titled topic I had no idea that it would have more parts than an Affix kit model Spitfire, or take as long to complete, I’m regretting now not giving the title a little more consideration or try to beef it up somewhat, never the less it is a little late now.


Where were we? Oh yes, we had some unsafe steps in front of some local shops that had no owner and are likely to injure someone, the caring council cared so much it erected 4 barriers with hazard tape and placed them near the broken paving slabs, presumably to keep council workers safe whilst emptying waste bins in the proximity.

mtHowever, we now have a new chapter to the saga, enter Mr Mike Thornton M.P, Yes, M.P no less, who I had hoped would champion the cause and guarantee the safety of his electing public. Although in order to speak to “affable Mike” you have to do battle with his administrating staff first, who reassure me that this giant among men has the welfare of residents at the forefront of his campaigning mind. Unfortunately he will not speak to people that are less likely to vote for him, like me, due to the fact I do not live in the borough, although I am just as likely to injure myself visiting the area.

So, wishing Mr Thornton the election success he deserves, we move on and try to find a new favourite in our bid to keep shoppers safe.



Pave The Way(4)

When I set out on this journey of discovery I was ill prepared for the arduous tasks that awaited me, far from being a mild exchange of Email, it became a mountainous trek through the hallways of state.

Google maps

Google maps

If you have been following my articles, I had taken it upon myself to report to the local council a simple safety issue involving a pedestrian stairway in front of retail outlets. Simple? no! Over the past weeks all the correspondence I have had has tried in vain to put me off, belittle and generally make me feel like a nuisance, all of which has encouraged me to continue. I am also glad that I have documented these events from the get go in order to allow you this insight into the halls of democracy.

We have now a piece of land with no owners or local body willing to repair the area in the public domain, although we do have an acknowledgement that the area is unsafe and will be sectioned off to prevent accidents.

Yeah! about that!


As you can see, hardly the most effective accident prevention barriers.

Which leads me on to the comments I have received during the course of this farcical situation, and yes, these are people charged with your well being and willing to accept money for it.

We most definitely do not have any duty of care to look after the local population.

You have been slightly misinformed. The land has no owner except the Crown Estate with whom we are in contact.

and in the interest of public safety Eastleigh Borough Council are being proactive in trying to resolve this situation, hence erecting the fencing to make the area safe,

I will pause for a while and let you digest, whilst I enter the next phase.

Pave The Way (3)

In my attempt to make a local shopping area safer, I have embarked on a trip around bureaucracy, a sea of red tape and heading to a wall of silence, well that is my suspicion. First contact has been made and a response has come flying back, not one you would have thought from a well organised county council counting every penny, but never the less an answer of sorts.

Google maps

Google maps

After filling out an online repair report raising my concerns for public safety in the matter of loose and broken paving, I patiently waited for a reply, as well as checking the updates on the repair line web page, and it is there I discovered that my report had been closed. Checking that any work had been completed (which it had not) I contacted them further.



The council are now saying it is privately owned and have no responsibility to it’s upkeep and when I asked who owned the land a negative reply of ” I do not know ” was a little disappointing as I am sure they receive some kind of revenue from it.

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).”

So strap yourself in and prepare for the next trip on this roller coaster ride through local government.

On Reflection

I recently lost 16 followers on the micro-blogging site Twitter as a result of a comment I made in the aftermath of the news events in France. In a period when tensions were running high and the internet is awash with the latest footage and anti-Islam rants, as always happens when such acts are committed, we should stay aware that it is the fanatics that are to blame and not normally the families that live with-in our communities.

The comment I made, was it so dreadful?

The comment I made, was it so dreadful?

So as you can see, I was purely “holding a mirror up” to Islamophobia as I have done many times before against racism, and yes such events we have witnessed are truly awful, but so is a shallow mind.

Pave The Way (2)

First contact


In the first part of my campaign (almost a social experiment) to make a local area safe underfoot for all pedestrians that I have embarked upon myself, I have contacted the local council. Not being sure at what level I should start, I began with the parish/borough department that deal with repairs, and found a website quite easily, and although I should have left my personal details, I raised a concern for the area.

hccThis point of information also gave a telephone number and name, of which I should probably contact to give my details, in the interest of fairness.

After taking my pictures to document any issues, a local councillor (but not a borough councillor) appeared on Twitter, the micro blogging site, with a picture of a pothole and asked if anyone could better this, I replied, but sadly have had no answer.

rwdSo, look out for the next update in the quest to make our world a safer one.