Shameless face of Vodafone

Yet again brand leader Vodafone has shown it’s contemptuous attitude to their luckless customers and have no apparent shame in showing it either. As my ongoing disgust to the way this Multi billion pound company treats account holders, I contacted them via the website, asking why a product that I had been prevented from receiving as “not available” was still on show.

Quite apart from apologising, it would appear that we should accept this fact, even after two weeks, and it clearly shows that they have no interest in keeping your custom.




A Year On

When I asked a newly found friend what he thought of my blog page, he said “As long as you are happy with it, that is all that matters”. That was a year ago and although I made schoolboy errors then and will occasionally still make them, my whole ethos is based on that advice and I will continue for as long as I can enjoy it.


I hope to think that I have developed as person and improved my style and grammar in the last 12 months that I have been here, but if I have not, I do not mind that either. I look at it as a diary that I share with those that choose to read the thought gatherings of an uneducated man (well on paper anyway).

This month I have been a micro blogger for 5 years as well, although I do not always make sense and my only advice would be “Don’t drink and blog”, I have also mostly enjoyed that experience.

So happy new year to you all and carry on blogging, and as for my friend of a year, thank you very much Ray for the advice and your ongoing support.


Christmas By Design

After telling you about my decision not to buy a turkey this year (“Save A Turkey”), it got me thinking about the pressures we are all put under to provide a “traditional” time and meal for our households. Pondering this for a while, I came to the conclusion that we should all feel comfortable doing and eating what we like without the commercialised interpretation of what we should be buying.


As I say I have chosen to do without a festive bird in favour for one wildly available year round, though I fear more than this would prove too radical for the rest of the resident occupants or as I you may call them “The Family”.

But the potential is endless, the Christmas tree could be replaced by something that has a similar decorative appeal and not use up a third of the normal living space, Seasonal greeting cards changed to be sent electronically and printed out to be displayed.

My point is not to be drawn in to what we have almost accepted as normal and maybe start a tradition of your own.

Good luck and merry Christmas !

Save A Turkey

Not having had purchased our turkey this year, I’m wondering whether I actually want one. The top 3 (or is it 5 now?) supermarkets are fighting each other for our hard earned cash, by way of TV ads, which was the very thing that alerted me to this injustice and gave me cause for concern.


The problem is that it’s not like I can not afford this gracious Christmas bird to adorn the festive table, it is, do I want to spend the equivalent of my monthly car fuel bill on a frankly quite tasteless and dry textured creature because of tradition? This of course is apart from the fact of the working 8 hour day it requires to cook in the oven, burning gas (in my case) completely alone, as you are unable to cram little else in there with it.

So, it is my intention to adopt an American tradition and as President Obama did this thanksgiving, give a reprieve to the particular seasonal feathered self basting centre piece that would have featured on our Christmas plates, and opt for it’s tastier cousin.

Prime Minister Cookbook

What makes a good prime minister? What ingredients would you choose to blend together to make the ideal leader of the country? Historically we have had many premiers with so many different attributes, Churchill and Thatcher for example were good “wartime” commanders, but not the most popular in times of calm, Clement Attlee’s government gave us the NHS, and Harold Macmillan gave us less railway station choices (the latter two both with considerable help) and William Gladstone holding the position countless of times.

Depending on your political beliefs and aspirations for your country, we are limited to one party, one leader with our one vote and even with a hung parliament it is lead by an individual. With more and more parties being pushed in to the spectacle of what has become a circus of the media, we are able to see for ourselves who carries our particular values.

Change colour to suit taste

Change colour to suit taste

Unfortunately, although the choice of party and their policies is fairly large, those who run them is still a matter of taste.

Not In My Back Room

It was with humorous disbelief that I read that our fair city may be joined at the hip with one of our longest ever historical nemesis, with the exception of the French across the channel of course. Portsmouth and Southampton have been feuding for as long as they have stood as sea port cities, one being a naval base and the other ship builders and a merchant port. With rival football teams providing colourful derby games and fuelling discussion over each of their skills and chants of Southampton City Union Men (SCUM) due to a dispute over workers solidarity.


So in it’s wisdom, local government want to create a “super city”, with such benefits as freedom of budget spending and an elected Mayor seconded only to The Mayor of London, a trail blazing idea to be the envy of the rest of the United Kingdom.

Presumably they would want to meet half way, and, there is my problem, having charted the area, the geographical centre of this alliance would be my house. Now of course I would have the honour of distinguished guests in my lounge and the local parking issue undoubtedly would be solved swiftly, but do I want these heads of our giant metropolis of iron traipsing up and down my hallway? I think not, so lets box clever and steer clear of this amalgamation, if for nothing else than my poor carpet.