The Naked Truth

Yet again our local “celeb” has garnished our newspapers with his unique belief he should be able to wear nothing, Stephen Gough aka “The naked rambler” has lost another appeal in the court of European human rights to parade in our streets as God intended, or indeed that is how he sees it.

With public opinion supposedly divided the 54 year old has spent some time behind bars for his defiant behaviour whilst travelling the length of the British Isles, people are split as to whether the former Eastleigh man is causing any real harm or distress, and it is quite obvious how the authorities feel.


Whilst I think that some enjoy the eccentricity of the whole situation, I believe it is more a case of as long as it does not effect them, they would allow this circus of events continue. However, if a man of a similar age was dressed, but revealing his genitalia, opinion would differ, although it is essentially the same scenario in the eyes of the law. The fact he is a veteran of her majesty’s armed forces, only adds to the mystery to his particular plight, but, it is not for nothing that I ask, Why does he wear a hat? and where does he go in winter?



Sauce for the Gander

As a young Lieutenant  in the Royal Navy, James Cook was given the task to feed his men a type of sauerkraut to reduce scurvy on board his ship, as the crew disliked it so much Cook ordered that only the officers were to be given a ration. On hearing this the lower ranks demanded to have equal shares of the food and were duly given their portion of the bitter tasting supplement.

A simple case of wanting what other people have, regardless of its benefits, and doubtless it would happen today ! Or would it? Are we guilty of wanting and demanding the same as we see the upper echelons having? Or do we just choose to be treated equally? Would a fine dining experience be lost on the better part of us?


Definitely food for thought, but just bear in mind that they may not want you to find out how the other half live !



Autumn Driving

As the UK government asks its tax paying workforce to continue and retire later, it is at the same time forcing drivers to remain on our already bustling highways  for more years than perhaps they would have done. Our present public transport infrastructure is not capable of supporting communities or the working population as a whole, and having your own transport is almost essential for the average man or woman, even in suburban areas.


Under the current law at 70 you must reapply for the license and at 75 take a medical to prove you are able to drive, but, this is only if you wish to carry on behind the wheel.When retiring at 65, some of us may choose to slow down a little and maybe take up a hobby, and it is fair to say, use a vehicle, but not necessarily needing it daily to commute into work at 67.

So, while trying to improve the countries debt problems and reduce the dependency on the state pension benefit, we create a new issue, one that could potentially have far wider consequences than purely just busier roads.