A Different Stroke

The U.K. government are proposing withdraw the passports of those that have left Great Britain to fight alongside those in their land of origin. Young men and women have decided to leave our shores for that of their fathers homeland, and very possibly rise up against enemies of Islam. But what about those that are fighting in foreign lands that we do not see as a threat ?


You can fight for Israel, but not for Hamas in Gaza, support the Ukraine, but not the rebels and quite frankly I have lost track of who we “support” in Syria. So as long as our governments support your cause you can come and go as you please ?

Whilst I do not support terrorism, I do support democracy.


The selfless act

Earlier this week a national art gallery relaxed a rule banning people from taking “selfie” photographs with display pieces, now the English premier league are proposing a similar ban at football matches and with timed honoured tradition the great British public have vowed to exploit the new rules.


Most of us carry a mobile phone these days and by the very nature of modern development they are “multi media”, with features as video and still camera even on the very basic of models as standard, with other phones never failing to amaze us with its features. So controlling such an enforcement, I suspect will be a titanic task with possibilities of achieving these goals as successful as the ship itself. If a security guard in a building that the patronage doubles to 4 in the rain can not police this civil action, how is a steward facing a thousand football fans going to succeed ?

So why the need for this action ? Money ! or indeed the loss of revenue for images of games being taken by non paying unlicensed unprofessional camera women/men, people that have already paid a healthy price to ensure pockets of shareholders are lined, just to watch their favourite team play and enjoy those memories for years to come.

Too Liberal ?

The UK’s Liberal democrat party have made a commitment to practice the policy of not imprisoning those found to have small amounts of class A drugs for personal use.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg calls for Class A drug users to avoid jail

To me, this asks more questions than it answers, especially for our young. They are not suggesting we legalise it, just to be more lenient on those who break the law. Typically users use more substance than their budget will allow, therefore turn to crime to bridge the shortfall, so, if a fine is issued for what is now serious crime, payment to the courts is likely to be from the proceeds of criminal activity, quite literally increasing the countries statistics.


In our prisons, a network of support exists to help those in need of it, who are more likely to attend appointments whilst doing little else and awaiting release, something easily avoided on the outside.

Are we foolish enough to believe we will be unaffected by these changes ? And what else do we allow to continue under our noses, with no consequence ?

Warfare is stoneaged

Early nomadic man had no real reason to fight, but as farmers became our first settlers, they had more to protect and thus the start of warfare and it’s development began. Throughout the ages man has designed and redesigned war, from battle plans to advanced weaponry.


Various countries have gone from allies to enemies over the centuries, some of them providing Britain with it’s monarchy and gone from flinging sticks to pilot-less aircraft. With governments playing the war of words and men and women losing their lives in monumental numbers.

My only question is why are we still doing it to each other ?