I’m not a Doctor but……..

As N.H.S. budgets are slashed to pre 1950 allowances, we find it harder and harder to be able to see our great rushed of their feet British Doctor, even more so if you have specific request. More and more of us are turning to internet search engines to solve our non urgent ailments and oddities, as there are no end of sites and forums to help us pinpoint the particular nature of the disease of the symptoms that we are showing.


Among the successes we have to assume there has been failures, mistakes of varying proportions, including misdiagnosis of something perhaps a professional should have seen. But for our minor inflictions a change of diet, life style or soap powder are usually enough, coupled with the knowledge that you are not suffering alone. I, for one have benefited from a different angle of something that has lead me to write this.

Unfortunately, I have also witnessed first hand the tremendous strain our health care professionals are under, with ambulances unable to come to  workplace  accidents, due to lack of resources.



Security matters

Profiled in a news agencies online pages, there was an article teasing a security guard for not letting Sir Chris Hoy into the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome during the Commonwealth games being held in Scotland. How would you fair in the same situation ?


Many men and women are employed by various companies to protect the safety of the general public and celebrities within these venues. These very often poorly paid individuals have a remit to abide by in order for everyone to be clear on the task at hand, and on the most part do a very good job. They also have lives of their own, with hobbies and interests of varying kinds, and no doubt watch and read a multiple of different  genres of  media, so to expect a person to recognise a supposedly famous face, I think is a little unfair.

Commonwealth Games security bars Olympian Chris Hoy from Chris Hoy Velodrome

Apart from the fact that Sir Chris could not produce the correct credentials that everyone else was required to display, was this unfortunate soul expected to spend the previous evening studying faces of the well heeled in order to tip his/her cap to the upper echelons of our ever growing celebrity world ? Would you have spotted him straight away ? Could you name and point out the members of the latest boy band to hit our charts, or even minor royals ?

So spare a thought for the not so stargazed minions that are very often the butt of the media gaglines trying to scrape a living keeping you lot safe.


Car cam cameo

Recently while surfing a well known auction website, searching for things I didn’t need, I found a camera designed for vehicles. As the price was not astronomic and as I was burning with our unique male curiosity, I decided almost immediately that I could not live without one. The concept of recording journeys was not a foreign one to me as I had seen footage on another internet home brand, and I was eager try this for myself on my very short trundle into work.

Costing just a little more than a steak meal, it arrived within the guided time frame and was very much as described, In fact I was surprised of it’s quality. Of course I threw the instructions straight down and started playing (another male trait) and after stealing the required SD card from the family camera, I was ready to go. Set up and installment into the car was simple enough and play back was explained to me by a passing child, and although the windscreen holder was slightly cumbersome my maiden voyage was imminent.

Initially it was quite distracting, mainly to the on board screen playing within your peripheral vision, but that was easily sorted. Then it hit me, this cheap unassuming gadget was actually going to highlight my driving skills or the lack of them, did I want this type of self destructive criticism and did I need proof of it ?  So, on my return from my short, but well executed drive around the block I tentatively played it back, though pleased with my talent.


It was only when locking and walking away from my aging car that I realised how similar to a satnav it looked, and that potentially this pocket money gizmo could cost me a car window and the embarrassment of a would be car thief who would not escape with quite the prize he had thought. For that very reason I removed it, and yes, I have not used it since.





Refuse refusal

Anxious West End residents are waiting for  Eastleigh borough council to answer urgent questions as to why they are refusing to remove their waste for the second week. Tenants and homeowners of the block of apartments in Runnymede Court have had no weekly waste collection or any explanation from the refuse department, despite individuals of the complex contacting them directly.


Fully aware of recent strike action, one resident was amazed to see a council employee photographing the over filling communal  waste bin, whilst others have pinned notices in the foyer updating neighbours of their efforts to rid themselves of the putrid pile.  Concerns have been raised over the warm weather and fear of a risk to health from disease and attracting vermin to the area.

One leaseholder of the privately owned building stated “The bins are regularly over filled, they (refuse collectors) normally take it away”. Other residents are urging anyone affected by this to contact EBC and to continue until the the situation has been resolved.

Easier than it looks ?

As the public sector prepares to strike today (10-07-2014) in UK for better pay, pension and working conditions, which of course is their right, I wonder whether we as individuals would do things differently running the country? National, international and global issues at your doorstep with your adversaries waiting to challenge every decision and revel in any mistakes that have been made.


Many of us grimace or shout at our chosen form of media, albeit newspaper, television or internet, and offer up simplistic solutions to that particular subject on display and in many of our minds it is the most obvious answer that can resolve it. However, the task of any government that has been elected, is to agree amongst it’s cabinet and charge the leader to announce a solution to the great British public and the even more fickle news agencies .

So it may not be your chosen party in place, and they themselves will blame each other for historic poor decisions, but that my friends is politics and you are very welcome to give it a go if you wish.


War and peace

After over a hundred rockets being launched into Israel, with preliminary casualties estimated at 3  ( Sky news ) , America celebrates independence with 60 shootings in Chicago alone ( Sky News ). To be technically safer in a war zone than at home with family, should really raise a few questions, but I doubt it will.

American gun laws have long been the topic of world debate and I have no wish to follow that path, other than to say that if stricter gun provisions were put into place, I believe that law abiding people would risk breaking the law, by keeping a weapon for protection. Crime or the fear of crime has for a long time been on the minds of the householder throughout the so called civilised world.


The ever changing global theatre of war immediately gets our attention and countries feel obliged to empower the most politically correct regimes with their armed forces, although, a shooting upstate remains a crime statistic for the local civil enforcement agencies.

The irony is that we are making our former enemies  streets safer than that of our own.