Election education

What I have learned about politics this week (UK version)

  • People of the UK want to make a choice on whether to stay in the EU, but do not want Mr Farage within a foot of parliament
  • Our three main parties could all do with a spring clean, starting from the top. Huey, Louie and Dewey have had their day, we need leaders not followers.


  • I live in a Conservative area full of beat up Ford escorts
  • And finally, The X factor managed to draw more votes than all of the fore mentioned, amazing what a bit of talent can do !

To the rescue

If you enjoy a game of football, a brisk game of golf or if walking is your thing, generally help is at hand if you need assistance or you become injured, but this can not always be the case. Throwing yourself out of a perfectly good plane, climbing mountains and trekking to new and undiscovered places are not without it’s risks, and mostly those who push the limits for fun or achievement are aware of this and so are their families.

But when someone does need help in that situation, human conscience, unwritten pledges and rules of the sea for example, dictate that you will go to the aid of those in trouble, with no thought of inconvenience or cost. If successful everyone involved are rewarded with a sense of pride and unconditional thanks from the survivor(s) and their relatives. But what if a humanitarian mission goes wrong or has a negative conclusion ? How much effort should be made and who ultimately bears the cost of what was always known to be risky?mal

Governments and corporations make themselves available and assist financially if a natural disaster or a high victim accident occurs within their jurisdiction, coordinating rescue or recovery, as we have seen recently. But to further risk the lives of those searching out bound sportsmen and women beyond a reasonable time frame is as foolish as the original act that has made it necessary. Public outcries and online petitions are used to encourage or embarrass and for continuing support, however, if each signature had a fee, I wonder how much support it would get, though helping towards the costs.

Wheelchair throne

Throughout the centuries royal subjects have tried to emulate their monarchy through fashion and trends of the day, like the ruffles of Elizabeth 1st or Princess Diana’s hair , the love of horse racing, and even national pride.


So how different would our attitude to the disabled be if the present Queen’s great uncle had been in the public eye, rather than being hidden from complete view?

Prince John was born to King George V and Queen Mary in 1905, and slowly it became apparent that all was not well, he was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy and was deemed mentally slow. Spending his what was to be short life being raised by a governess with-in the walls of Sandringham, passing away as a result of his illness in 1919.


Had his parents embraced him regardless of his condition, I am sure the public would have done the same, including giving them confidence to raise a disabled  child themselves at home without fear of stigmatism. And maybe our perception of the disabled would have been changed a lot sooner than it has taken, and in some cases is still taking. As a society with have moved on with our liberal views and openly accept same sex marriages, but, it has never been illegal to be in a wheelchair.

Polls apart

If we look at the fundamental roots of the “policies” the UKIP party are proposing, I don’t think anyone would disagree with them. Staying in Europe costs us millions a week, with little benefit, the rate of immigration should be stemmed to allow us to function as a country and self governance, the ability to make local decisions are the basis for them to encourage people to not only follow them, but to help them lead Great Britain.


However, the problem is how and who they choose to deliver these ideas to the great British voting public. Mr Farage seems to be pushed to the front to stand alone in the media, although, there is no shortage of willing supporters to fight his corner on the social network. The press have highlighted the outrageous comments and actions of party members, ranging from racism to sexism, attributes we often see from a struggling  fledgling organisation, who are so desperate for members, that little care is taken to establish the mindset of the individual.

To me, the slight hint of these undertones of radical thoughts are enough to say “voter beware”, whilst you may agree with the ethos, you may not with the method of execution. Thankfully it is still a free country, allowing you to vote how you please and I totally support your choice, regardless if I agree. But also consider, voting for the smaller parties only pays to dilute the votes and cause another coalition, and we all know how well that has worked out.




In the name of progress

Settling in front of the television as a child was a family event, generally preparing to watch a programme on one of the three channels we had, something that was not likely to be repeated for quite some time in the future. Adults telling kids to be quiet and even the dog taking centre stage on the hearth rug, we would listen to every word and be transformed by the character into the place and time of which we were viewing.


That was a typical scene in most homes at the time, but, with the advent of the video recorder it meant you could watch anything at any time, over and over again if you wished. We no longer had to gather at a given time, meal times no longer had to be set around the T.V. guide of a fast growing selection of channels that suited your viewing genre. Fast forward through a roller coaster of technology and advancements to today when you can watch more or less anything whenever you want, an hour later or record complete episodes or series, you can even pause and rewind live television.

No need for families to interact during ad breaks or after, we can eat alone when we want without missing what everyone else is watching and not even spend time in the same room as family members.We never had to organise “family time” it happened organically, but that’s progress for you.