In a spin for good cause

Gym members have come together in support of a local man struck down with a life changing illness. Clients of Studio Red in Shirley, Southampton held a 2 hour sponsored “spin-a-thon” to raise money for  Alex Lewis who has sustained dreadful consequences after contracting group A streptococcus causing the loss of 3 limbs and soft tissue.


The group of about 30 at the popular fitness suite were supported by friends, family and work colleagues in aid of Alex’s family and more public awareness to the condition caused by the same bacteria that you get with a sore throat.

It is not the first time the self proclaimed “Studio Redders” have reached out in support of a local cause, recently completing similar event for cancer research . Spinning , a keep fit group activity, involves using a exercise bike whilst performing other tasks , all to music.






Pay for the crime

The true cost of policing is hardly ever reflected in penalties or prison terms when you evaluate the time and equipment used to resolve the issue or solve the crime. Maybe if fines and punishment were to reflect the resources used we would have some kind of status quo and taxes somewhat smaller. Of course i jest about the latter, but lets just take a look at this for a moment.

Driving and taking away a vehicle for instance, a pursuit may involve six police officers, 3 police cars and possibly a helicopter and depending on circumstance could  last for 30 plus minutes. Once apprehended and detained, our less than responsible pillar of society is hauled before the courts and given a custodial sentence or a menial fine, when the cost of catching them reached the thousands.


In comparison a recent local news item refers to the cost of reviewing firearm/shotgun certificates by our overstretched police force, with some calling for the renewal price the be racked up to reflect the time spent on administration. Perhaps it does need looking at, and as I have stated in the comments below that article, that you should pay per gun, and possibly reduce the amount of unused or token ownerships.

The V.C. gauntlet

Recently a U.K. popular newspaper printed an article designed to start a campaign to improve the graves of V.C. holders that had sadly fallen into disrepair. The Victoria cross is awarded for bravery and valour in the theatre of war and has been awarded numerous times to both living and dead Commonwealth soldiers.

Although I totally agree that these memorials should be maintained, I am not sure if we should be responsible for it.


The Commonwealth War Graves commission currently maintains 1.7 million resting places of men of two World Wars that were never to see their loved ones again, including posthumous holders of the V.C. However the media are suggesting it is disrespectful not to do the same to those who returned home, I think not.

These men who survived their comrades had the opportunity to return home and carry on with the rest of their lives with family,friends and supporters surrounding them, a luxury not afforded to the fallen. Perhaps physically or mentally scarred by the events that they had witnessed, but home all the same, then passing away naturally allowing those close to them to arrange and conduct a burial ceremony by the graveside, again, not for the battle ground dead.

So whilst I have the upmost respect for our modern history heroes, we have to remember someone was bequeathed one of the most valuable medals in the world or has the proceeds from it.

Just say no

We have a new nuisance company blighting our streets and ignoring our wishes to be left alone by taking no notice of door signs.


Primus broadband are scouring our suburbs using hard sell tactics, by telling lies and proving harder to get rid of than limescale. This is not just my opinion, although I did have the opportunity to meet such a salesman, who, after our meeting experience may be considering a career move.

Do not misunderstand me, if  you genuinely want these people in your home, explaining how they will save you money, then be my guest. However they have not written to you previously, or are they checking you received any sort of application and they will return if you imply that it is a bad time. These commission hungry rodents are the product of an irresponsible company that have little care for you or your privacy.


Remember, if you say no it is not rude to close the door and in my case if you do knock, then its open season and you are fair game.




Saint and sinners

On the 23rd April England celebrates St. Georges day, one of the four days of national pride in the British Isles. Although not recognised with a Bank holiday, it will be commemorated by patriotic organisations such as the scout movement etc.


How refreshing it would be if we had a day given over to this occasion, like a day off ! Not from work or caring for our young and old, or from shopping and paying bills, but a kind of cease fire. I’m not suggesting that we celebrate like America celebrates St. Patricks day

Imagine a day without politics, media spin and soap boxing, a day free from racism, agism and class. Regardless of religion, football team or rival part of country, or indeed countries. Yes I know a song has been written about it, and that I’m going to have less impact, but we can all “Imagine”.


Or we could masquerade as somebody else for a day, serving to spread happiness, after all St. George was not even English, so thats worth considering, and he was the patron saint of some pretty nasty skin conditions, but just take my word for it !

Easter mission

My task this holiday is to recreate a photo from days gone by, though not too long ago, and maybe 2 or 3. I will choose a photograph(s), gather the relevant people, at the site of the original and boom !

Watch this space for the results.

r5Maybe not this one, that would be a bit awkward, he’s 21 now !

The hardest race ever


On trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Oscar Pistorius, by his statement claims that he was unaware of her presence while shooting into a closed door in pursuit of an intruder. The paralympian runner had already shown disregard for the law and gun safety, and poor judgement by firing weapons recklessly, and as so often considered himself above the law due to his celebrity status.


His whole demeanor throughout the trial has been one of a fallen man.With progressing form, starting with shrills of distress, vomiting at a by now familiar sight of a corpse and now the endless pitiful tears. Easy to understand I guess, when you consider the trauma of everything and above all else trying to prove to your peers you are not guilty of such a heinous crime.

Those who will be deciding his fate, the jury,  have lived with the evidence on a daily basis, which I imagine to be equally distressing given the nature of the charges. I for one are not convinced of his innocence, although I’m sure he will be shocked by a guilty verdict, creating more work for the cleaner.