A man I know

There is a man I have known for half my years,

he has known me too, for quite a while,

we have had a few  laughs and had some tears,

but for him I would go that extra mile.


This man makes me feel old, but forever young,

makes me feel wise, when really, I’m quite dumb,

makes my journey worthwhile and never long,

makes me feel like a giant, compared to some.


This man knows me oh so very well,

And over the years we have had some fun,

If by now you have failed to tell,

The man, my friend, is of course is my son.



Happy Birthday, all my love. Dad xx




Report it, not fear it

Some of us, if not  all of us are afraid of crime or at least the fear of crime, young or old, fit or frail, we can all be a victim of crime . From the nuisance of noise to someone invading your personal space, it is all crime, and therefore should be reported as such . Even if you do not get a response from the police you expect of them, it does build up a criminal activity profile, for which can be targeted at a later date .

Log on to http://www.police.uk/ and find out whats been happening in your area and use the information to prevent further crime.



Do the stats add up ?

Statistics are a bunch of numbers crunched up and bare no relation to real life ! well that’s my opinion .

Statistically you are safer in an aircraft than traveling in a car, that maybe so, but, when a plane makes an emergency landing on a runway, it can affect 300 plus people .

Crime statistics, that your government is so proud to shove down you throat, is likely a result of legalizing or declassifying, making it a ” non-crime “.

Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. It deals with all aspects of data including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments.


So lets just see what the stats add up to today. Rain ? Sun? or a bit of both ? Either way I prefer to use ” Sods laws “.

Lost and found ( The Butchers Hook , Southampton )


A new micro pub has opened in Bitterne park triangle Southampton , The Butchers Hook , a single room ale house with little in the way of modern comforts or entertainment , but it appears to have captured the minds and hearts of the local people and the not so local .

Being run by Daniel Richardson and Anthony Nicholls and started on a nominal capital outlay of £8,000 in a old retail outlet ( I would be unsurprised to discover a former butchers ) , no fancy cocktails and just the sound of groups talking over and across tables , this would be an idyllic place for many who simply enjoy a pint .

The idea in itself is not a new one , Southampton like many cities , had enjoyed these ” parlour pubs ” in days gone by , a basic room with little seating and sometimes only a hatch for a bar , it was a place where the working man could enjoy a pint after a days graft labouring . These were often unregulated for any kind of standards , with irregular measures and little hygiene systems in place , which is possibly why they became unpopular , coupled with the ladies of the house taking advantage of the lowering stigma of the man only pub .

Of course the modern day landlord has controls and standards to comply by , and is very often ruled by multinational faceless company that just want to become millionaires , so a back to basics idea has to be admired and supported by those who wish to keep it .