Quick on the draw

Have you had bad service or poor quality goods or food lately ?
I bet you told your friends or family , but did you do the same for good quality ?
We are always quick to to complain , comment or share a bad experience , but not for the good . We will never know of a particular gem if you don’t speak out .
Maybe you are an expert on takeaways or you have purchased a bargain or a department that has previously had bad press . Let me know , let your closest know , maybe contact the company to let them know or write it on your ” wall ” .
But either way , warn others of cowboys , and surprise us all with your commendation , we will not hold you too it .


Credit where credit is due or not


Today I had cause to contact the HM Revenue and customs to make enquiries into a payment in their favour . After speaking to three separate departments and explaining that I would not dispute the claim and happy to meet the demand , once I knew what and why I was paying , I sat back and realised that I had enjoyed the experience , even though pounds out of pocket .

Each person I came in contact with were both professional , polite and showed traits of  being personable . Sharing a light moment with each under different circumstance , including the odd chuckle and cheery disposition , whilst dealing with the serious matter at hand ‘

Did I get a discount for not shouting abuse ? No ! Favourable payment plan for not asking to ” speak to someone higher up ” ? No ! But I was able to see the human side of a section of our normally down beaten establishments . Credit where credit is due , except for me , because I still have to pay . Well done the HMRC !

So why am I writing about this ? Well incredibly you can not contact them by Email , to compliment or complain , of which the former I suspect is rare . But it also shows that you don’t have to go in all guns blazing , say what you have to , listen and then make a judgement on your next course of action , without the attitude that would cause both you and them distress and achieve nothing .

Tomorrows parents

It is said often that ” children are our future ” or ” we all want the best for our kids ” Well after a recent and rare visit to a suburban primary school , I’m not so sure .

Waiting for my teenage daughter to finish her weekly work placement for her college course and parked slightly down the road from the entrance , due to the high volume of other school run traffic , I began to observe some peculiar attitudes to how our children are raised .

On the whole the 5 to 11 year olds were fairly well behaved , but once their offspring were safely harnessed in the cars for the home trip , some ( not all ) parents became oblivious to the welfare of any child not in their care , racing pass parked vehicles on either side of an already narrow road built for an age when it was rare to own a car .

Then the trickle of parents who had decided to walk or had no choice to , invariably with some children running in front or dragging behind , but generally in ” ear shot ” their parents , who like many of their children walked in pack formation with the odd solitary soul . The majority of parents being mothers , but some fathers and some of both .

It was a this point a young man who had paused on a pavement with a drop curb  for his parent to close the gap between them , was berated for not allowing an impatient driver to continue into a car park . Whilst probably not the best place to stop , the boy was not at fault , with the mother then apologising to the driver , who clearly was unimpressed with having to wait to enter a pedestrian area . I’m sure his safety was paramount in his mothers eyes , he was old enough to be alerted of the waiting vehicle .

My conclusion is that , although , the well being of our children is foremost in our minds , we need to be clear on the decision to patronise our young people and with the correct advice for there futures .

And my daughter was 40 minutes late !

Football Team Stops Bullying

Kindness Blog

Meet Chy Johnson

and this is Carson Jones

Chy has a learning disability

Carson is the High School starting quarterback

When Chy started high school, the bullying began

Chy’s mother asked teachers to try to prevent the bullying, their response:

Next Chy’s mother asked Carson if he could get the names of the bullies

Carson started walking Chy to class

Chy started sitting with the football team during lunch

With football players as close friends, the bullying stopped!

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Southampton boy moves on


Aaron Martin the Southampton raised Saints player has moved to Birmingham city FC on a free transfer in January’s transfer window .

Martin ( 24 ) from Sholing started his professional football career with Saints in 2009 whilst the team were in league one and has been out on loan to various clubs including Crystal palace and Coventry city .

Although he has missed the early part of this season through injury , he has moved to Birmingham by mutual consent and remained on the subs bench for his first appointment with the club against Derby at home , resulting in a draw .