A new dawn

As we reach the start of a new year , we can reflect on the past , and how it has affected us . Our hopes and dreams , relationships and those of those around us , we have watched children grow , allowed people into our lives and seen some go . Memories are good , but the future always gives us hope , because , when Pandora opened the box and released all the evils into the world , the only thing left was hope .

Unfortunately New years celebrations provide regret for some before they can resolve their last !

Have a hopeful 2014


Not in my back yard !

Most of  us rarely live where we would like to , governed by our means , size of family or needs , those that do choose do so by the same ethos . Along the way making compromises , like the busy road , size of garden and distance from the shops , culminating in the decision on where to raise your family or live the rest of your life , or both ! 

So , once habited , a natural pride in the local area takes affect . But so does the overwhelming urge to change your surroundings for the better ! Does the railway have to run so late at night ? Does the local pub never clear it’s outside tables ? Does number 54 ever think about cutting their grass ? 

No ! The truth is , the trains have always run at that time , the local pub clears it tables in the morning and number 54 gets her grandson to cut her grass once a month ! And all this was the same before you moved in !  

The price/rent of a property is reflected by the area , surroundings , amenities and desirability . Therefore if you happen to locate yourself close to a school or a business you can expect some disruption throughout the course of the day , and that although they intend to be good neighbours  the actions of students or employees can only be attributed to their own  behaviour .

If however an addition is to be made to your immediate area , systems are in place for you to make a objection with valid concerns , although , if an area of land was empty on your arrival or a business has grown in size , it may effect you personally , it will have no affect on your property .

And would the same objections be made to five 1 bed houses as a one 5 bed house in more affluent areas ?

wife turns to social network

beyeWife turns to social network to solve attack

A wife has posted an appeal on the social network site Facebook to plead for witnesses of an attack that left her husband bruised and battered days before Christmas .

Holly Mann’s husband was attacked for reasons unclear at Stoneham park , Eastleigh ,where he was one of the 700 people enjoying various works Christmas events at the venue . After being struck in the face , he fell to the floor and is believed to have become unconscious for a brief moment , it is said that a member of the attackers group did try to intervene , but was unable to help .

Mrs Mann writes “ My kids are devastated and I need to show them that the bad guys get caught and punished. “ and is asking for anyone with information to contact police .

Unconfirmed reports describe the man as being dressed in a grey suit and with a crew cut hair style .

king for a day

King for a day

After marrying a divorcee , the Queens late Uncle the  Duke of Windsor abdicated from the throne handing responsibility over to his younger brother who became king George VI in 1936 .

 Had these events had not occurred and had her uncle married with issue , the present day Queen would not be in such a position today , thus raising the dilemma of Charles and Camilla’s validity to the royal crown .

We have not seen this subject broached by the press or government as of yet , and the Prince of Wales has not commented or acknowledged the fact .

Do not misunderstand me , I wish our present Queen a long and healthy reign , having served our country after assuming the monarchy herself in 1952 at the age of 26 .

But after all , it was fate of circumstance and the protocols of the British sovereignty that put her there . The very same protocols that would surely see Prince William the Duke of Cambridge become our king , a young fresh blooded king with the charisma and caring personality of his late mother , and a young family that has seemingly captured the nations heart .

 God save the Queen !

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

This is the bit where I make you feel guilty for being among family and friends over the festive period , no not really !

But spare a thought for that who have to work at this time of year , not just our superb emergency services , but those with roles as much in need on the day and all year round . My attention was bought to a young lady who cleans the maternity suites in a local hospital , of coarse babies don’t wait .

The elderly have to be cared for , sometimes in their own homes , power plants have to run , ships have to sail and a myriad of other occupations will go to work Christmas morning like any other .

Also , don’t quickly assume that someone shouldn’t be on their own “ at this time of year “ , you can offer hospitality , but if it is refused there may be a reason for that individual , after all we are not all the same !

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading !